We offer two different Primary Latin courses.  Minimus is an exciting and widely used Latin course.  The stories are set at Vindolanda, a real fortress on Hadrian's Wall in the 1st century AD and follow the adventures of a Roman officer's family.  The course has a strong focus on English grammar, makes use of the cultural artefacts adn discoveries found at Vindolanda, and tells some of the most famous Greek myths.  The course is well supported with books, online resources and other materials.

Alternatively, you can use Maximum Classics, which delivers foundation Latin with highlights of Classical culture.  All classroom ready plans and materials are available online for free.

The Liverpool Classics Hub offers FREE Latin training to any primary school wanting to explore including Latin in their curriculum.  Teachers need no prior Latin knowledge. 

Our next taster day is Friday 18 May at Hope University

Contact Alice Case at the Hub for further information.  info@liverpoolclassicshub.uk

Why not apply for the School Direct programme jointly run through Hope University and Liverpool College to teach Latin and Classics ?

This is an innovative new route into teaching, which enables schools to take a leading role in Initial Teacher Training (ITT)

Existing primary teacher, train to teach Latin

Latin for Primary

Train to Teach Classics