Secondary Schools

Pupils at Key Stage 2 must study a foreign language, but this can include Latin or ancient Greek, not just modern languages.  Latin is the root of the Romance languages and provides a great foundation for the later study of French or Spanish.

Latin also supports English literacy across the curriculum by enhancing grammatical understanding and insight into the origins of words, spelling and the meaning of prefixes and suffixes.

Latin dovetails with other areas of the curriculum, such as KS2 History and the study of Roman Britain. 

Primary Latin is fun and accessible to all.

We offer FREE training for primary teachers/assistants to learn to teach either the Minimus course or Maximum Classics - no previous Latin knowledge is required.

Next taster day Friday 18 May 2018 at Hope University Liverpool


Primary Schools

​​​​Classics has something for everyone and all abilities at Secondary School.

Latin can be taught in all key stages and exams are available at GCSE and A Level. Both Latin and Ancient Greek meet the language requirement for the English Baccalaureate.

Classics and ancient history stimulate interests in many fields of human endeavour and can be taken up at any level.

The Hub is working with Liverpool University Schools Classics Project and Classics for All to help schools introduce and support Classics in state schools.  Ask how we can help.

We also organize an Ancient Greek Academy, jointly with the University of Liverpool.  Any gifted linguists in years 9-13 in any Liverpool Secondary school can apply for a place to do GCSE  Greek in 2 years.  Tuition is FREE.  We are recruiting now for September 2018.